GENRE: Animation




DURATION: 10-15 sec Shorts min

What are Sokkiez?

They’re basically socks of every type and style: from traditional wool to men’s ankle socks to stripy to silk. But what makes them different from regular socks is that they have little faces on the closed end (i.e. eyes, nose, mouth, hat, ribbon, etc.). Anyone with basic puppeteering skills can stick their hand inside a Sockit and create a variety of humorous expressions.

Sock it to me

So we’ve got the Sokkiez, which are characters based on socks. That’s also what makes this concept unique. They’re not finger puppets (which have been around for ages) and they’re not hand puppets (likewise), nor are they puppet-show puppets (which date back even further). Quite simply, they’re s-o-c-k-s, making them (at least the talking kind) a new phenomenon.

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