GENRE: Adventure, Family

CAST: Koen & Jos van der Donk, Hidde Maas, Maarten Spanjer, Chris Zegers, Jack Wouterse, Joep Snertons, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Rense Westra

DIRECTOR: Steven de Jong


Because the boat is painted in all the colours of the rainbow that seem to change everytime they look at it, they have named it Chameleon.

In the preceding movie, “The Skippers of the Kameleon”, we learn how the boys became the new town heroes by delivering a band of criminals into the hands of the police.

In “Kameleon 2″, Hielke and Sietse experience their biggest adventure yet!

Plans to build a new road through the sleepy Dutch village of Lente threaten the peace of mind of a community that is desperate to retain its very comfortable status quo.

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